Mazzo Quattro!

Sì signore e signori! Mazzo is almost 4 and as you know, we love to celebrate this with you. In October we have very muolto buona price for a very special dish!

It can't be more authentic than this; Pasta al Parmigiano. Right in front of you we'll mix fresh tagliatelle through a big Parmesan cheese wheel. The upper layer melts and the rest, well.. it's just amazing! It goes very well with some fresh basil and tomato, or truffle if you want!

From the 20th to the 23rd of october - Piccolo: 7.50 Grande: 13.50

Boom Chicago menu

Boom Chicago creates smart and funny comedy shows based at the theater on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. Over the last 20 years, more than a million people have seen them live and millions more enjoyed their Comedy Central TV show and viral videos. As a good neighbor we arranged delicious pre-theater menus at Mazzo.

Are you in the mood for Italian? We have a 3-course menu for € 29,50 p.p. For each course Mazzo offers the choice between two different dishes. Menu choices can be made on the same night for groups up til 10 people. If you want to make a reservation please mention the Boom chicago menu and make a reservation between 18h00 and 18h30 so you wont miss the show.

Dining at Mazzo during the holidays

Mazzo will serve the regular menu on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, Mazzo is closed for lunch and in the evening we serve à la carte and a special 3 of 4-course Christmas menu including appetizer for € 45,- or € 52,50 p.p. During Boxing Day we are open from 12h00 and serve dishes from the regular menu, we also serve the 3 or 4-course Christmas menu including appetizer for € 45,- or € 52,50 p.p.
On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Mazzo is are open from 12h00 and we offer you our regular menu.


Looking for the perfect gift? Treat someone to ultimate luxury with the IQ Creative Dinner Card!

IQ Creative, the company behind several succesful Amsterdam restaurants has a special dinnercard for use in all of their restaurants. With such a wide range of choices thé perfect gift for each occasion.

Enjoy an One Thousand and One Night dining experience at Nomads, Mediterranean cuisine at Mazzo or Mercat, special delicacies at Envyor the extravaganza of supperclub or supperclub cruise. Fish lovers can eat their heart out at Nevy, BBQ-lovers at Julius bar&grill and for the perfect glass of wine near the Amsterdam canals you go to Vyne.

The IQ Creative Dinner Card has a value of € 25,- and is valid at the following restaurants: Envy, Heineken Hoek, Mazzo, Nevy, Nomads, Supperclub, Supperclub Cruise, Vyne, Mercat and julius bar&grill.

Surprise someone with a special breakfast, lunch or dinner with the IQ Creative Dinnercard! Want to order an IQ Creative Dinner Card? Click here!